About Dawn

Dawn Banerian

Dawn The Insurance Lady is a Health Insurance Research Analyst specializing in Employer Benefits, Medicare Advantage/Supplement Plans, Individual Health and Dental Plans, Short Term Medical Plans, and Large Sum Life Insurance.

She partners with the top carriers to provide her clients with the right coverage, at the right price, for the right reasons…With clients located all across Michigan, she has a great feel for the Health Insurance landscape, designing plans with a focus on meeting your needs always keeping your budget in mind.

My Commitment To You:

From day one I have led the Health and Life industry by basing my business on the commitment to our clients and prospects by:

    ✔ Initial contact phase we listen to your concerns and your current or upcoming needs, AND always keep your budget in mind…You can not get what you can not afford, bottom line…We know and have been there
    ✔ Promptly responding to your questions, analyzing your current situation regarding coverage, premiums, or bills you received that you are not sure to pay???
    ✔ As far as Customer Service please see our testimonials…I thank God every time I read them!

My Mission

My Mission is to provide Corporations and Business Owners, Individuals and/or Families with Peace of Mind knowing we did our homework…My goal is to become a lifetime resource for my clients, family and friends.